The Club has a kitten list and enquiries are always welcome, but you may find that you will have to wait for what you want. So often there are kittens on the list but no enquiries - or no kittens on the list when you want one! Details of members' kittens are available from Jackie Reed.


Any Members with kittens available please let us know
to include on the Website.
We are getting a lot of 'traffic' through the Website and a
lot of enquiries for kittens/older cats for rehome.


Please ensure that your kittens are vaccinated etc in accordance with the GCCF recommendations before they leave for their new homes.


Please read the COVID-19 update  >>



 Found your kitten?

Why not join the Red Point & Tortie Point Siamese Cat Club?
There is a membership application form here

Like all GCCF Clubs, our Club has a welfare officer who helps with the rescue and rehoming of unwanted, neglected or stray Red, Tortie, Cream and Apricot Point Siamese; the Clubs co-operate on this, since often one will have a cat needing a home while another has a enquiry from someone offering a home to a rescued Siamese. Please contact Jackie Reed for more info.